Bang Bang Bang

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Went a little Joyrich/Kawaii style crazy today. I bought this outfit from the new Top Shop at the Grove. It’s definitely not as awesome as the New York City Top Shop, but it’s better than nothing! 

top-Top Shop
skirt-Top Shop
shoes-Urban Outfitters
necklace-Top Shop
lipstick-Lime Crime’s “Geradium” 

Jeremy Scott Wanna-be

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Definitely forgot my camera while skedaddling around Melrose so forgive me for the iPhone photos. Bought this iconic sweater from eBay because the Jeremy Scott version’s sold out (and was obscenely expensive). Paired it with a pastel/holographic/mermaid-y print and voilà, I look “kawaii” as hell. 

dress-Top Shop
collar-Top Shop

La Velvet Margarita Cantina

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 My cousin took me to an oddly trendy, punk Mexican restaurant in Hollywood after my internship today and we lightweight had an full throttle photo shoot going on. Anywho, my first day of interning consisted of photoshopping and resizing photos, instagramming (this really should be a proper verb), organizing, picking up lunch and sweeping. Yes, sweeping. Interning isnt as glamorous as portrayed in The Hills but it’s so worth it.



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Spent the day roaming around LA with my sister: promenade, True Food Kitchen, Rodeo, and Fig & Olive. I love my city.

booties-Urban Outfitters
rings-Verameat, Alexis Bittar